The hub where your company stays connected!

What is the hub?

By definition the hub is the central part of a wheel that connects... And exactly like it's explanation 11hub is connecting the company!
It works just like a social media, but what makes it different from the rest is the productivity. Transforming the group into a team keeping the productivity up to 99%!

Who uses it?

ElevenHUB is for everyone! From the companies to the single people who are looking for new oportunities. Here the companies can find their great minds and the great minds can find the right company for them!

How it works?

Imagine that you are starting a company with your best friend. You are working together to achieve something together, right?
Now imagine what will be the effect if each of your people was working with the idea to help a friend.
That's how 11hub works! It melts the ice between the business and the friendship, transforming the group into a team!